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What Is A Land Access Agreement

We have created a guide to help a landowner and explorer agree on access to private property for exploration activities. It includes a checklist for landowners and explorers on how to conclude the agreement. Information on the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA), the WA Farmers Federation, Vegetables WA and the Western Australian Pastoralists and Breeders` Association Land Access Agreement, which was developed to streamline negotiations between oil and gas companies and farmers, can be found on the APPEA website. Our Commercial Consent Agreement for Access to Private Land in Victoria is a simple and voluntary agreement that can include compensation and can be tailored to your needs. Landowners and explorers have clear legal rights regarding access to land for mineral exploration. On this page you will find information about access to private land, including compensation for the right to occupy the land and how the West Australia Oil Pipelines Act 1969 on land. Oil and geothermal energy are considered strategic resources and, in this regard, the titles of the Petroleum and Geothermal Resources Act, 1967 have some priority over other land leases. The vast majority of relationships between explorers and landowners are positive. Courtesy, respect and honesty go a long way in building relationships between explorers and landowners. The objective of land access agreements is to ensure orderly mineral research while recognizing the right of landowners to operate without unreasonable interference or interference.

You do not need to use our contract template, although it is a useful resource and you are encouraged to tailor the agreement to your particular situation. The Director of Mines provides a dispute resolution service to landowners and explorers. Titles under the Mining Act 1978 (the Mining Act) are not considered private land under the Petroleum and Geothermal Resources Act 1967. However, special provisions are provided for in the law for labour disputes between mining and oil and geothermal titles. These types of issues are reviewed by the mine custodian and reported to the Minister of Mines and Petroleum. In deciding the matter, the Minister must give due consideration to the public interest, justice and justice. Operations cannot be started on private land unless a compensation agreement (if any) has been concluded with private owners and users. Landowners and users are compensated for the removal of land ownership and any damage. Learn more about the compensation to be negotiated with landowners or private occupants (page 120). The Petroleum Pipelines Act 1969 governs the construction and operation of pipelines in Western Australia. Permits to construct and operate pipelines are issued when a valid application is made and the Minister of Mines and Petroleum is satisfied that it is in the public interest. Pipelines can be allowed to cross any type of land, including private land.

Learn more about private lands under the Petroleum Pipelines Act, 1969 (page 121). Excluded from the last point of this definition are pastoral and grazing leases or timber leases, as well as leases for the use and benefit of Aborigines […].


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