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Vancouver Shipyards Collective Agreement

CONSIDERING that the intention and objective of the Parties to this Agreement is that this Agreement be to enable orderly collective bargaining between the Parties, to enable the peaceful settlement of all disputes and complaints, to avoid strikes, lockouts, waste costs, avoidable and unnecessary delays in construction and construction work. WELL, this agreement attests that, taking into account the following reciprocal agreements and understandings and arrangements:ARTICLE I – RECOGNITION1.01 The company recognizes the union as the sole bargaining agency for its employees, duly certified under the British Columbia Labour Relations Act, for the purposes of collective bargaining with respect to wage rates. Hours of work and all other working conditions. Wages and classifications shall be set out in the Annexes which form part of this Agreement. ARTICLE II – MANAGEMENT RIGHTS2.01 The entire management of the company and the management of the workforce are the exclusive responsibility of the company and the union may under no circumstances intervene in these rights.in2.02 No employee is dismissed, except for important reasons. ARTICLE III – TRADE UNION REPRESENTATIVES3.01 Trade union representatives shall be entered by management on a pre-approved list so that they have timely access to the company`s operations or shipyards. Participation will be at the least disruptive times whenever possible (e.g.B. Coffee and lunch breaks, provided that authorized workers are not required to neglect their work and respect the safety protocols of the local company.3.02 No man of trust, no member of the safety committee or an employee may be discriminated against or risked in terms of seniority, or suffer a loss of employment due to membership or trade union activity. 2 An apprentice attending school is entitled to the Supplementary Employment Programme (SUB), which allows the employer to top up the apprentice`s benefits to ninety-five per cent (95%) of his or her normal weekly income. After graduating and returning to the shipyard, the Apprentice reimburses the remaining 5% (5%) in the form of a one-time temporary payment (1) 10.

The parties agree to introduce direct deposit before the end of 2008.11. The parties agree to meet within sixty (sixty) days of the ratification of the new collective agreement in order to define the conditions necessary for the success of the training program for craftsmen.12. Letter of understanding, if applicable for federal government contracts Works in case a construction and repair contract requires the federal government to have an obligation to prohibit strikes or lockout clauses as part of the tendering process (for example. .


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