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General Assignment Agreement

Under English law, for example, any general assignment of accounting debts, whether in absolute terms or as collateral, is void unless it is registered in accordance with the Bills of Sale Act 1878. An agent would not be able to challenge an assignment under this section, which relates to debts owed by certain debtors, debts owed under certain contracts, or if the debt was assigned in a bona foi foi transfer of an enterprise or if the assignment generally benefits creditors. [Citation required] 6.9. The assignee must fulfill the obligations set out in clause 12.1 of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, not to contact the borrower through the assignment of the receivable and not to contact the borrower directly, even if the buyer recalls all or part of the authorization contained in the contract. If a debtor has made significant preferences, fraudulent transfers or questionable rights of pledge in the event of bankruptcy, creditors may possibly compel the debtor to go bankrupt if they decide that the assignment does not adequately protect their rights. An effective assignment to creditors is often more advantageous to creditors than bankruptcy, as it generally results in better liquidation prices and its less rigid and formal structure saves time and money. 2.6. The claim passes from the partner to the assignee at the time when the assignee has paid the full costs of assignment to the partner, in accordance with clause 4.2 of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Interest that is calculated to the borrower and that has not yet been paid at the time of the assignment is not transferred from the partner to the borrower by the assignment of the receivable. For the avoidance of doubt, only the transfer interest is transferred from the partner to the transferee. There are three types of tasks that are classified according to the restrictions of the agreement. A general assignment is an assignment that involves the transfer of all of the debtor`s assets to all of its creditors. A partial assignment is an assignment in which only part of a debtor`s assets are transferred to all creditors.

If the real estate benefits only certain creditors, this is a special assignment. 12.1. The parties shall not inform the borrower of the assignment of the receivable, unless provided for in this Agreement. . . .


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