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Franchise Agreement Sample For Cafe

FOR AND TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the recitals and the agreements and commitments listed below, as well as other valuable considerations, preservation and sufficiency whose maintenance and adequacy are recognized, you and we agree as follows: C. You have requested that we grant you a franchise to own and operate a store on the site indicated or identifiable in this Agreement. We have agreed to grant you the franchise based on the information you provided to us in your application and by trusting you in your consent to operate the store in accordance with this agreement. The franchised area can be of any size, from the part of a city to a continent. Generally speaking, it is more advantageous for the franchisee to maintain the area on a small scale and subsequently grant the same franchisee licenses to operate in additional areas. This agreement can be used to grant territories outside the United Kingdom. 16.6 Default cross. Any material failure of the franchisee, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement or of a lease or other agreement between the business or its related business and the Franchisee, or any failure of its obligations to an advertising cooperative of which it is a member, shall be considered a substantial delay in each of these Agreements. In addition, in the event of termination of this Agreement or any other agreement between the Parties, the Company may, for any reason, terminate, at its option, a certain number or any of the foregoing agreements. 21.7 Applicable law/consent to jurisdiction. Except to the extent that the agreement, the franchise and all other matters relating to the franchisee and the business (and its related businesses) are governed. C s by the domestic laws of the State in which the franchisee`s Diedrich Coffee CoffeeHouse is located (without reference to the standards of choice and conflict of laws of that State), except that the provisions of a law of that State relating to the disclosure of franchises, registration or relationships and the provisions contained therein do not apply, unless their competence requirements are met independently and without reference to this Section.

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