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Far Supplemental Agreement

43.101 Definitions. As indicated in this Part, administrative change means a unilateral modification (see 43.103 (b)) of the treaty, in writing, which does not affect the material rights of the parties (e.g. B a change in the paying agency or data on the allocation of funds). Date of entry into force – 1. In the event of a change in the invitation, an order of amendment or an administrative amendment, the effective date is the date of issue of the amendment, the order of amendment or the administrative amendment. 2. In the case of a subsequent agreement, the effectiveness date agreed by the parties shall be the effectiveness date. 3. In the case of an amendment issued as a confirmatory termination to the comfort of the Government, the date of entry into force of the confirmation notification shall be the same as the date of entry into force of the initial notification. 4. In the case of an amendment that transforms a late termination into a termination for government convenience, the effective date is the same as the effective date of the termination of the termination. (5) The effective date of the effective date of the pre-determination of the letter is the same for an amendment confirming the effective date of the advance fixing of the letter.

43.102 Policy. (a) only contract staff acting within the scope of their powers shall be entitled to amend contracts on behalf of the Government. Any other government personnel may not (1) modify the contract; 2. to act in such a way that the contractor considers that it has the power to retain the government; or (3) order or encourage the contractor to perform work that should be subject to an amendment to the contract. (b) treaty amendments, including amendments that may be made unilaterally, are used prior to their execution, if possible without prejudice to the interests of the Government. If a contract amendment could lead to a substantial increase in costs and the negotiation time did not allow a price to be negotiated, at least a maximum price would be negotiated if this is not feasible. 43.103 Types of treaty amendments. The amendments to the Treaty are as follows: (a) bilateral. A bilateral amendment (amendment) is an amendment to the contract signed by the contractor and the procuring entity. bilateral amendments are used to make fair negotiated adjustments resulting from the assignment of an amendment mandate; (2) define correspondence contracts; and (3) reflect other agreements entered into by the parties that modify the terms of the contract. .

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