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Bilateral Air Service Agreements India

The EU Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, authorised the signing of the Protocol amending the Agreement between the Swiss Federal Council, the highest executive authority of the Swiss Confederation and the Government of India with regard to air services, as well as the exchange of diplomatic notes with Switzerland on the introduction of amendments to the Air Transport Agreement. . ”The increase in frequency shows our success on the Delhi-London route, their importance in our network and the constant demand for a complete first-class carrier from India,” said Vinod Kannan, Chief Commercial Officer of Vistara. Star Alliance member bmi has also expressed interest in flights to India and, if there is more demand for services than the new agreement allows, the UK Civil Aviation Authority will hold a brief bilateral hearing to decide on slot allocation. WISHING to conclude an agreement to establish and regulate air services between and outside their respective territories, ”Do we wish to inform you that SpiceJet has been designated as an Indian air carrier for the operation of services agreed between India and the United Kingdom, in accordance with the Air Transport Agreement between the Government of India and the United Kingdom”, said SpiceJet in the filing. The Government of India and the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium, which are parties to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and wish to conclude an agreement for the creation of air services between and beyond their respective territories, have agreed that airlines have previously complained about the restrictive bilateral agreement between the United Kingdom and India. Virgin Atlantic Airways had threatened as early as 2002 to withdraw its service from Delhi, then twice a weekly, and complained that it would not be profitable if no additional frequency had been granted. An additional weekly service was then granted….


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