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Bluejeans Service Level Agreement

On its website, BlueJeans states that it has published an updated privacy policy to meet the transparency and termination requirements required by the RGPD. And that they continue to exercise due diligence with respect to subcontractors, subcontractors and service providers to ensure that personal data is adequately processed and protected. Verizon Communications announced on April 16, 2020 that it had entered into an agreement to acquire BlueJeans to expand its business portfolio, particularly its unified communications offerings. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2020. Previous version (March 2018) These Terms and Conditions govern the provision and use of the video conferencing and collaboration service (”Service”) provided by BlueJeans Network, Inc., a Verizon-owned company (”BlueJeans”), whether the service is authorized directly by BlueJeans or through a licensed distributor, reseller or other partner of the blueJeans chain (”the chain`s partner”). Other conditions relating to the use and subscription of the service, for example.B. The pricing and license of the service (”customer”) is defined in an order form that refers to these terms and conditions of sale and is executed by customers and BlueJeans (”Order Form”). In the event of a direct conflict between these terms and conditions and an order form, the conditions contained in the order form apply. All conflicting or additional contractual terms are ineffective, unless they are signed in writing by a member of BlueJeans` authorized staff. These terms and conditions of sale are called ”agreement” at the same time as the order form. The service is made available to users to whom the customer provides access to the service under the customer`s account (”user”), as stated in more detail in the order form.

The tool is integrated into the Google suite, making it easier to use other services. We found the product interface intuitively and easy to use, and it is possible to participate in meetings of any device and via mobile phones. Using the website and certain services, you will find additional conditions that may be published from time to time, including, but not limited to our usage policies, our privacy policy, our cookie policy and all software licensing conditions or restrictions. All these additional conditions are added to these conditions by reference. See Meet allows you to organize meetings remotely (by audio and video calls), offers document sharing and an instant mailbox system. The service is available online via most Internet browsers or via mobile apps available on Android or IOS. There is no difference between the features offered by the client software and those offered in the web version. NOTE: This updated version of the BlueJeans Terms of Use applies immediately to all new order forms signed between them on May 15, 2020 and applies to all other customers after the first extension of service on May 15, 2020 or after May 15, 2020.

Please contact us at to report any violations of these conditions or any questions. Authentication is done via a Google account, which is also used to access other G Suite applications and provides support for Single Sign-On (SSO). Google`s cloud services offer different forms of strong authentication, and users also benefit from several other security controls that Google incorporates into all of its services, including suspicious connection monitoring, contextual aware access and the advanced protection program.


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