Wto General Agreement On Trade In Services (Gats)

1. Articles II, XVI and XVII shall not apply to laws, regulations or requirements governing the procurement of services by public authorities acquired for governmental purposes and not for the purpose of commercial resale or use in the provision of services for commercial sale. 1. Service providers of Members in need of such assistance shall have access to the contact points referred to in Article IV(2). In September 2003, the Fifth Ministerial Conference took stock of the ongoing negotiations. Agricultural issues have posed a serious challenge to the progress of the Round, with developing countries calling for better access to developed markets. Since the cycle must end with a single company, all issues must be resolved. Market access and regular negotiations on services are ongoing. (a) within 12 months of the entry into force of the WTO Agreement on the WTO Agreement, inform the Council for Trade in Services of its existing recognition measures and indicate whether those measures are based on agreements or arrangements of the type referred to in paragraph 1; However, the schedules were only a first step in the complex process of liberalization of trade in services, and many countries continue to set restrictions and conditions for both market access and national treatment.

These restrictions are set out in each country`s calendar. The continuation of the ongoing GATS services negotiations aims to remove these restrictions and conditions. The commitments contained in the GATS can be divided into two broad groups: general obligations that apply to all members and services sectors, and obligations that apply only to sectors listed in a member`s schedule of commitments. These obligations are set out in individual annexes, the scope of which may vary considerably from one Member to another. The relevant terms and concepts are similar, but not necessarily identical, to those used in the GATT; For example, internal treatment is a general obligation in trade in goods and is not negotiable as under the GATS. On 15 April 1994, ministers from more than 100 countries signed the Final Act of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations at the Marrakesh Ministerial Meeting. Thus concluded the eighth round of GATT trade negotiations, which was launched in Punta del Este, Uruguay, in September 1986. Under the agreement establishing the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the package includes agreements on topics as diverse as agriculture, textiles, intellectual property and trade-related investment measures. And for the first time, with the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), the parties established global rules for trade in services.

The GATS, in collaboration with the WTO, is expected to enter into force on 1 January 1995. Market access (Article XVI): Each WTO Member accords to the services of another Member treatment no less favourable than that provided for in the Member`s timetable. .

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