Tie-Back Encroachment Agreement

With all the development of condominiums and construction in the Greater Toronto Area, neighboring owners are often approached by the developer, who wants to enter into a contract with them for engagement and crane. This type of agreement gives the developer permission to drill under a nearby property to install ties or sprayed concrete launchers in nearby land. The developer benefits because it allows him to build the foundations of his development at a lower cost and faster. In addition, the proponent may apply for permission to operate a crane swing over the adjacent lot. However, developers do not have the right to do so, unless the neighboring owner grants them permission. Remember that you own the base soil and rock under your property as well as the air rights above your property. To meet this demand, Bay-College Holdings Inc. through his agent, Mr. Ivan Fleishmann entered into a compensation agreement that contains a clause obliging Bay-College Holdings Inc. to enter into an assault agreement with the City on the following conditions: (5) BCH does not obtain permission to enter the land granted for the purpose of commencement of construction, until it has entered into a declassification agreement, waiver and indemnification in a form satisfactory to the City of Toronto`s lawyer.

Crangle has represented neighboring owners in negotiations with developers to ensure they are properly compensated and financially protected if they opt for one of these types of contracts. It is your responsibility to carefully review the survey plan and ensure that the boundary matches your understanding of the appropriate location. If you do not have a survey plan for your property, we advise you to purchase one – either an existing survey plan, which is still applicable, or a new survey plan. You can also ask the developer to mark the boundary on the ground so you can see its exact position. If you object to the location of the border or feel that you are entitled to the country, you will have limited time to object. If you have any doubts, contact a licensed surveyor who can check the survey plan(s) and inform you of possible boundary problems, such as interventions or contradictory evidence from the border site. This agreement will generate net sales of approximately $8,828.00. As construction progresses, there are a few issues you need to observe. Classification must be carried out in accordance with the approved site plan. Fences, curbs and entrances that are removed or damaged must be restored taking into account your land boundaries. If there is an underground car park, you may need to enter into a ”Tie-Back” agreement with the developer for the proper support of your floor and structures. Your Ontario Country Survey can help you resolve these issues, including the location of the final fence.

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