Orangetheory Member Agreement

To cancel your Orangetheory subscription, you must first contact the studio to find out if there is a retraction form or if you need to write your own cancellation request. You can then submit your application in person or send it by authenticated email. Sending your request by authenticated email is necessary, as a signature is required during delivery. This ensures that your cancellation date is 30 days from receipt. This agreement and the privacy policy represent the full agreement between you and BDA L.C regarding this website. This Agreement replaces all prior or simultaneous communications and suggestions, whether electronically, oral or written, between you and BDA L.C regarding this site. An amendment to this agreement is only valid if it is drafted by BDA L.L.C. or its related companies. An alleged waiver of a violation of this agreement is not considered a waiver of a future offence.

A printed version of this Contract and/or A BDA L.L.C. Electronic Release is permitted in legal or administrative proceedings based on this Agreement or on your use of or relating to this Website, to the same extent and under the same conditions as the other commercial documents and the recordings originally drawn up and kept in printed by BDA L.C. Thinking that I may have missed something, I went back and re-read the terms of the membership contract, and then I reread them to be sure. Now, I am not a lawyer, but I am familiar with the terminology used in things like agreements, contracts and legislation, and the key word in the revocation clause I read was ”or.” This means that no matter how many options you get to get a specific result, if the penultimate option ends with ”or,” then only one of these options needs to be completed. However, if the penultimate option ends with ”and,” you must complete all the options listed. In other words, you can do it or do it to get the result you want, as opposed to the fact that you have to do it AND to get the result you want. Brief answer: Orangetheory Fitness requires a written message 30 days in advance to terminate membership. You must personally send your message to a studio site or send your cancellation request by authenticated mail. Certified email is required, so there is a check-in of the receipt.

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