Forex Investment Agreement

A substantial breach by the client of its obligations under this agreement or other agreement with AssetsFx (including, but not limited to, account opening documentation); If you are an individual and you are requesting the use of our services (a ”common account”) with one or more other people, any person named on the application form (a ”common customer”) is liable to us for all or part of your obligations under this commercial contract, and we may ask each of you to fulfill all obligations (including loss reimbursement) on the application form. Expenses or interest payable) from any customer or customer of a joint account related to this commercial agreement. We may take action against a customer with a joint account, or release or compromise the liability of a client from the common account, or grant time or other leniency to that client with a joint account without infringing the liability of another client of the common account. Any customer with the common account is authorized to give us (unrestricted) instructions of any kind, including (without restriction) to place an order, demand payment, enter into a contract, receive payments, receive or receive notifications, receive statements or receivables, sign documents or agreements and act in any way in connection with that commercial contract. This commercial contract refers to a ”You” common account refers to all customers with a common account. Any information relating to regarding commercial issues, including, but not limited to manual or automated trading tools, is not an investment recommendation of AssetsFx. In particular, the client acknowledges, recognizes and accepts that all market information provided by AssetsFx does not constitute an offer to buy or sell or an invitation to make a transaction and that, although it is based on information from sources considered reliable by AssetsFx, this information can only be based on a broker`s opinion and that this information may be incomplete and cannot be verified and unverifiable. 9.1 Money laundering requirements require us to perform certain due diligence obligations regarding each client`s identity, the type of transaction of each client and other transaction-related details (called ”Know Your Client” (”KYC”) or ”Customer Due Diligence”).

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