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It is very likely that an agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States will also include provisions on public services. The government has explicitly stated its ambition to make the UK the world leader in trade in services. Similarly, during the TTIP negotiations (a proposed but unsuccessful trade agreement between the EU and the United States), the United States insisted that its companies have greater access to the UNITED Kingdom`s public service contracts and that a clause to strengthen and block the level of privatization in the public service be improved. This could include sensitive areas, including the provision of NHS services, as well as education, transport and prison services. Opening up to U.S. companies in this area can accelerate both deregulation and privatization and make it more difficult to cancel these changes. Britain`s hopes of a quick trade deal with the United States have been dashed by a warning from President-elect Joe Biden that America will not sign a trade deal with anyone until the United States clarifies its competitiveness. This approach has been criticized by some trade experts for distributing too little of the UK`s negotiating capabilities and creating difficulties in coordinating these discussions. The fact that negotiations now have to be conducted remotely makes things even more difficult due to the logistical constraints of video maintenance.

Trade experts say both the United States and Britain have other hurdles to overcome. British officials have repeatedly stated that they are looking for a comprehensive trade deal and that they are not trying to enter into an agreement before the US election, and that they are still waiting to find out who will win the November election. Cars are the main source of exchange between the two economies and another point of friction. Britain maintains a 10% tariff on all U.S. imports, four times more than U.S. customs on British cars. A threat from Trump to impose 25% tariffs on imported vehicles makes it unlikely that Britain`s trajectory will fall, trade experts say. Brexit is expected to let Britain slip through the EU`s unseruming and trade opposition to US imports.

Instead, Mr Johnson and Commerce Secretary Liz Truss are promising British voters that these American products will never appear in British supermarkets. This pout against British farmers and environmentalists could wipe out a trade deal. The fact that the United States is a much smaller trading partner than the EU means that the potential benefits of the AGREEMENT between the United Kingdom and the United States are quite small. If we add the issue of regulation – Britain and the EU are already much more closely coordinated, while the US has a much more liberal political environment – the UK has a lot to lose because of less favourable access to EU markets. Similarly, the United States has different environmental standards than the EU and the UK will have to decide which regulatory system it wants to go. The non-regression of environmental standards and level Playing Field rules includes part of the withdrawal agreement, both of which aim to ensure a basic level of current post-Brexit standards (if an agreement is reached). However, these are only a large number of areas and are legally difficult to challenge.

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