Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Worksheet 10Th Grade It`s a fun match game on Pronom – the precursor chord! Can you organize your pronouns and precursors? Be the detective and find out if they are singular or plural, and then they match! It`s elementary, my dear Watson. The pronoun must agree with its predecessor. A singular pronoun should replace a single name. A plural pronoun should replace a plural noun. Our Pronoun chord sheets can be used for a variety of grade levels. It`s time to choose the right pronoun to use in a sentence! pronouns demand small words. To be correct, they must be in agreement with the Nostun or the pronoun to which they refer, the Sovin. A pronoun must agree in numbers, in the generation (she, him or her) and personally (me, you, them, them). That`s a lot to remember for a young writer. The following worksheets are intended to help this young person meet the requirements of these small pronouns. You can view or download any one by clicking on the title. They are free for use at home or in class. Here is a graphic overview for all the worksheets of kindergarten, 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, cm2 and 5th pronoun.

Click on the image to see our Pronoun chord sheets. Do collective nouns confuse things for you? Try this link to make the concept clearer. . Click on the links below to try different quiz questions and test your skills. Our Pronoun Agreement worksheets can be downloaded for free and can be easily accessed in PDF format. Learn more about the negatives using our free Pronoun Agreement worksheets below.

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