Ontario Provincial Police Association Collective Agreement

4. Any period taken on leave by the police officer is not part of the execution of the probation period. 2019, about 1, Sched. 4, 41 (10). 1. The parties determine whether it is made up of one person or three persons. If they fail to agree on this issue or if they agree that the arbitration proceeding is made up of three people, but one of the parties does not appoint a person in accordance with the agreement, the arbitration body is made up of one person. Ontario Provincial Police and civilian security forces receive new pay increases, just as the Ford government says it is cutting provincial force funding by nearly 4 per cent. Stay up to date with the latest association or industry news, events and press releases. (a) collective agreements and grants that will be applied as a result of collective bargaining for public servants who are represented by the association under Part III of the Ontario Public Service Act in 2006; 5 (1) If the majority of the members of the negotiating committee are unable to agree on an issue concerning the amendment or renewal of an agreement or an issue likely to be negotiated under this party, the Chair asks the Attorney General, at the request of a member, to appoint a mediator and the Attorney General appoints a conciliation mediator upon receipt of the request.

2006, about 35, Sched.B, see 5 (1). 1.The Police Bargaining Unit, made up of members of the Ontario Provincial Police, who are cadets, constaulators, probation consignments, constaulators, non-commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers and ncos majors. (5) Despite the subsection (1), a police officer cannot be granted a probation period if he or she has already successfully completed a probation period as a police officer in a police service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or any other prescribed police organization. 2019, about 1, Sched. 4, 41 (10). 2. The Conciliation Officer hands over to the negotiating committee and endeavours to reach an agreement and reports in writing on the results to the Attorney General within 14 days of his appointment. 2006, about 35, Sched.B, see 5 (2).

Note: A day to be designated by the Deputy Governor`s Proclamation is amended under point 10.1 (1) of the Act, specifying ”the first anniversary of his appointment as a probation officer” at the end and ”12 months after his appointment as a police officer.” (See: 2019, about 1, Sched. 4, 41 (9)) 3. The 14-day period may be extended if the parties agree or if the Attorney General, on the advice of the Ombudsman, extends the agreement within a reasonable period of time if the period is extended. 2006, about 35, Sched.B, see 5 (3). We are not law enforcement. For background criminal checks, please contact the competent police in your municipality. 4. If the conciliation officer informs the Attorney General that an agreement has been reached or that an agreement cannot be reached, the Attorney General immediately informs the negotiating committee of the report. 2006, about 35, Sched.B, see 5 (4).

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