Netsuite Subscription Agreement

The data processing agreement does not apply to (1) demo accounts, trial versions, beta versions, previewing or similar versions of services, or (2) functions, services or products provided in accordance with a separate agreement or by another party other than Oracle (for example. B if Oracle is only a tally or a withdrawal), including, but not limited to Celigo and Pacjet. This agreement contains, by reference to all URL conditions (if any), parts and pre-calculation forms, and this agreement, with these referenced elements, constitutes the entire agreement between the customer and Oracle and must be the definitive and complete expression of their agreement. The parties expressly oppose any confidence in all prior conversations, emails, interviews and/or agreements between the parties. There are no other oral agreements, insurance, guarantee obligations or other agreements between the parties. You generate subscriptions from your SCA-based website. j) Full agreement. This agreement constitutes the parties` full understanding of the purpose of this agreement and replaces all negotiations, discussions, commitments and prior agreements between the parties. Should any of the provisions of this agreement be struck down, these provisions will be separated from this agreement and the other provisions of this agreement will remain fully in force and in force.

It is possible to stop the subscription for a specified period of time and continue it if necessary. Remedant service level. To obtain a Service Level Commitment Credit, the customer must apply in writing to Oracle within 5 business days of the end of the month, in which he feels that the Service Level Commitment has not been complied with. If Oracle is found to have failed to meet the service level commitment during the month in question, Oracle will account for 10% (limited to 10% per calendar month) of the customer`s monthly subscription fee on future fees. If Oracle has not met the service level commitment for three (3) consecutive months, the customer has the right to terminate the contract if it notifies Oracle in writing within 30 days of the end of the third month in which the Service Level Commitment was not executed. Customers who are late or late for significant payments or contractual commitments to Oracle are not eligible for credit under this Service Level Commitment. The service loan is valid for up to two years from the quarter for which the loan was issued. Oracle calculates downtime using Oracle`s system protocols and other records. The 10% credit and the customer`s right to terminate are the only ones and exclusive for Oracle`s violation of the Service`s legal obligation. Your use of the cloud service is subject to Oracle`s continuous compliance with the rules for authorization marketing, which can be found under and are integrated by the reference (the ”rules”) e-mail/SMS messages; Additional services.

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