National Maintenance Agreement Millwrights

The volume of work under the agreement includes all IGC and remediation work required to effectively operate existing facilities and systems at these facilities. This work may include inspection, service, maintenance, commissioning, testing, balancing, adaptation, repair, modification and replacement of mechanical, refrigeration and remediation facilities, and components, including associated fittings and pipe controllers. In addition, all other service, maintenance and operating work assigned by the client, as well as work on temporary systems, fall within the scope. A calendar A may be requested either by a local union or by a contractor who signed the agreement, at the written request of MSCA or AU. A calendar A can also be implemented in the event of termination of a local service agreement. In this case, Calendar A is negotiated by a committee established by the UA/MSCA Joint Working Committee and must be completed within 30 days. If the local committee fails to resolve all issues within this time frame, all unresolved issues will be submitted to the Labour Relations Board (IRC). Therefore, in the event of a local strike, all services within the meaning of Article 11 of the national service and maintenance contract will continue to be performed. This is NOT limited to emergency service work or scheduled work in pm, but to all the work necessary to keep a building in operation. These include all inspection, service, maintenance, repair, commissioning, testing, balancing, modifying and replacement systems for all mechanical, refrigeration and remediation systems covered in paragraph 11.

This also applies to all refrigeration work carried out in accordance with Article XXV of the agreement. In accordance with Article 64 of the National Service and Maintenance Contract, the fact that each union or employee of sub-signatory contractors strikes, slows down, picketing or interferes in the operation of an employer constitutes a violation of the agreement. Similarly, it is an offence for each undersigned to participate in a work slowdown or exclude employees covered by the national service and maintenance contract. Such a violation of these provisions may lead to the immediate filing of a complaint (stage 4b of the appeal procedure) with the possibility of claims being settled or claims or damages assessed. When a complaint is to be filed: if there is disagreement between the employer or a group of employers and a local union or the AU on the intent, service, application or compliance of the terms of the national service and maintenance contract. Wages and all contributions or deductions for ancillary plans or funds, union dues, leave, leave, sick pay, the International Training Fund (ITF) and Industry Promotion Funds are paid at the rate set out in the local agreement that covers the service, or as outlined in Calendar A for that jurisdiction. In the event of a conflict between the local agreement and the national agreement, the national agreement prevails.

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