Jadwal Tayang Wedding Agreement Di Bandung

Liputan6.com, Jakarta Film Wedding Agreement, airing on Thursday (8.8.2019), continues to sneak up local film works. On the first day of the screening, the film starring Refal Hady and Indah Permatasari reached 70,000 viewers. Monday (19.08.2019) tomorrow, Wedding Agrement has more than 644 thousand spectators. Wedding Agreement audiences continue to grow as the Hollywood Summer Parade is over. The film tells the story of Bian (Refal Hady), who is ready to meet Tari (Indah Permatasari) to make her mother happy while she has been in a relationship for five years with his mistress Sarah (Aghniny Haque). And the strength of Tari`s determination to maintain this marriage while conquering sarah`s heart of Bian. The film was premiered on August 8, 2019. [1] WEDDING AGREEMENT was in theaters from August 8, 2019 to September 16, 2019. JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Good news for Indonesian spectators.

A total of six Indonesian film titles of various genres are available for broadcast this month on the Digital Film Platform Viu. Two Blue Lines have been broadcast on Viu since June 18, 2020. Mathias Muchus, Landing Simatupang, Djenar Maesa Ayu and Nova Eliza also contributed to the action in the horror film that will air on Viu from June 26, 2020. For those of you who love exciting horror movies, you obviously can`t miss the Pocong Film The Origin, which will air on Viu from June 25, 2020. TRIBUNPADANG.COM – The film The Wedding Agrrement welcomes the moment of Eid al-Adha and independence and is released in theaters. The horror film, which debuted Bene Dion as director, will air on Viu from June 20, 2020. With Tatiana Saphira, who plays Naya, she rediscovers her passion for writing after discovering the diary of the late Galih (Ge Pamungkas). Tari is asking for further compensation for Sarah`s arrival. Tari asked Bian to accompany him on the weekend for a walk.

Tari took Bian through Jakarta with the MRI. It is here that Bian tells the origin of his relationship with Sarah and the connection with his mother`s illness. Bian was confused because she began to love Tari, Tari just asked for the rest of her marriage contract to try to enjoy her marriage and become a devoted woman. The Indo-Korean film with Islamic underbelly makes the husband who does not like Indo movies to enjoy this film daebakk??? Wedding Agreement is an Indonesian drama film of Starvision Plus 2019 directed by Archie Hekagery, based on the novel of the same name of Eria Chuzaimiah aka Mia Chuz, which was first popular on Wattpad.

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