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and the document itself here: ( The government statement can be viewed here: ( about confused the withdrawal-withdrawal process? Find clarifications with these key materials and law-based analyses. On 17 October 2019, at the European Council, the EU and the United Kingdom agreed on the text of the revised withdrawal agreement and the accompanying political declaration. These documents can be downloaded from the Official Journal of the European Union at Summary of the Withdrawal Agreement, The House of the Common Library, published by the British House of Commons Library, is available here: Institute for Government presents its statement in a useful table format: Peers offers four articles on his blog on EU legal analysis to analyse the elements of the withdrawal agreement. The first article, an overview, can be viewed via the following link. You`ll find the other items in the menu on the right. British Parliament approved the withdrawal agreement with the European Union Withdrawal Agreement Act for 2020 (withdrawal agreement) on 23 January 2020, available on the link below. This article explains the meaning of the complex text that relates to each article, in plain English. By reading this summary, you can understand the terms of the proposal before considering the legal analysis in the other related articles below. On 28 February 2018, the European Commission (presented by Michel Barnier, Chief Negotiator) published a draft agreement to withdraw the UNITED Kingdom from Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community. This 118-page document can be downloaded from the link below. The R case (at Miller`s request and another) against the Secretary of State for leaving the European Union on the basis of Article 50 of the EU Treaty.

– Professor Nigel Foster explains what this case means for the future of Brexit (and does not mean). Here, Steve Peers examines how the proposal addresses the status of EU-27 citizens living in the UK and British citizens living in the EU27 before Brexit day, and also discussed the controversial issue of the Irish border. Brexit: Fundamental constitutional and interpretive principles – Professor Paul Craig takes a step backwards from hysteria and media headlines and discusses what Brexit means legally. Brexit: Navigating Uncertain Seas – Jukka Snell, University of Turku and Swansea University, is studying what Brexit means for the European Union. This voluminous document is full of political and legal language, so you can understand the objectives of this document and the possible legal implications, take a look at these useful articles written by experts on this subject.

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