Daft Residential Letting Agreement

Once you have completed the process of filing your ad, we will send you an email confirming receipt of your order for the Daft service, this email does not constitute an acceptance of your order. Your order to publish an ad on the website is not accepted and an agreement is reached between you and you regarding the publication of the ad on the site until payment for the Daft service is received. The rental agreement will indicate how much rent you have to pay, how often you have to pay it and other conditions. You must ensure that you understand the terms of the lease before signing it. A rental agreement is a mandatory contract between you and the owner and contains important information about the terms of the lease. In particular, it should indicate what will happen if one of you violates the terms of the agreement. You can choose to place an ad in your local or national newspaper or on www.daft.ie that costs €20 until the property is rented. You can also save logs and various property rental sites to see how many other homeowners with similar properties near you are asking for. If you rent your home from a private landlord or a licensed housing company, you have an agreement or contract with that person or institution known as a rental agreement – which may or may not be written.

The most common types of leases are fixed-term leases and periodic leases – both are described in more detail below. We do not knowingly sell or pass on any personal data from your account to third parties, except for the information necessary to provide the service between buyers and sellers. Your data and your privacy are important to us. If you feel that your information has been compromised in any way, please report it immediately to support@daft.ie Part 4 the rights do not apply to tenants of student-specific accommodation, although other provisions of the rent legislation were extended to these rental agreements in July 2019. A periodic lease does not indicate a fixed term. The duration of the lease can be weekly or monthly, depending on how often the rent is due. Periodic leases may or may not be entered into in writing. You have one month to register your rental in the tenants` room. You must download a PRTB1 form from www.prtb.ie.

You must ensure that the following information is contained in the PRTB1 form: A new rental by a landlord who does not reside in the same house as his tenant is usually either a secure lease or a secure short-term tenant.

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