Consumer Credit Agreement Requirements

Advertising for credits that include aspects related to the cost of this credit (for example.B. interest rates) must provide standard information on the basis of a representative example, including: the credit contract must also contain similar information in a format similar to that of the pre-contract phase. In the pre-contract phase, the lender must provide understandable information on the essential characteristics of the credit offered in a timely manner prior to the conclusion of the contract. These include the fact that the Regulation (EU) 2016/1011 amends the 2008/48/EC directive and imposes on the lender, in the pre-contract phase of the consumer credit contract, when the credit contract refers to a reference criterion, the name of this reference criterion and its manager, as well as the possible impact on the consumer. COMMISSIONS ON THE CALCUL AND DISCLOSURE OF TOTAL CHARGE FOR CREDIT AND APR NOTICE IN DOCUMENTS EMBODYING A COMBINED CREDIT AGREEMENT AND PAWN-RECEIPT In force since 11 June 2008, it had to be adopted in EU countries by 11 June 2010. INFORMATION ON CONSUMER CREDIT CONTRACTS REGULATED FORMS OF PROTECTION AND REMEDIES AVAILABLE UNDER THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 AT DEBTORS UNDER REGULATED CONSUMER CREDIT AGREEMENTS.

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