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Section 33 Agreement Planning

Road agreements discovered during fomental royalty searches should include the names of the parties concerned (signatories). ”d) When houses are to be transferred to the planning authority in accordance with the agreement in point (b), the price of these houses is determined by the removal of ”or land” in any location, on the basis of subsection (i) of the subsection (9). Provide the following information on the agreement you requested if you complete the application form: If the agreement was discovered by a land tax search, this information must be included in the search result. (a) in subsection 2, by concluding road agreements on motorway work related to new road construction prior to the submission of a notice within the meaning of Part II of the 1997 Building Inspection Regulations. ”i bis) in the case of an agreement covered in point 3 b) (iva), the number of houses and the lease agreement;, (f) subsection (6)b), replacing ”at the date of issuance of the authorization covered in point 2″ ” at the time of the transfer of ownership of the land to the relevant planning authority.” If this information is not provided, it will be difficult to find the appropriate agreement and Hampshire County Council can contact you to request this information. This could lead to a delay in the supply of copies of contracts. (ii) costs, including normal construction and development costs and the benefits generated by these costs, calculated at open market rates that would have been borne by the planning authority if it had retained an independent contractor for the construction work, including the appropriate share in all joint development work , as agreed between the Authority and the promoter.” The target response time is 15 working days. If it is necessary to seek clarification from the applicant on the details of the agreement (s) arrangement on highways, it may take longer to make the copy available. If possible, load the search or extract to which the agreements will be returned, as this will also help us to find the corresponding agreement. (d) subsection (3) (e) by replacing ”land or houses” with ”land, houses or land” and ”houses” for ”houses or land,” enter this information if you are invited on the application form. You should enter the title of the agreement in the ”Name of Location” section of the form. (This section follows the section of the form. ”in all cases, subject to the provision that will be made under this paragraph, which results in the net monetary value of the transferred property or the time to transfer a lease under paragraph (iva) payable (excluding any reductions for the maintenance, management and nullity periods provided for in this lease agreement) , since the agreement corresponds to net monetary value, i.e.

the reduced free market value of the existing use value of the land that the planning authority would obtain if the agreement provides only for a transfer of land in accordance with point (a)”. Documents that the Hampshire County Council is not a signatory to, such as planning documents and other third-party agreements.


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