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Boundary Agreement Template Uk

If necessary, the agreement can be formalized at a later date at the request of the land registry for a defined limit. Where there is uncertainty about the exact line of a border, neighbouring owners can agree on where they think the border is. Your consent can be recorded in a memorandum and a detailed plan or drawing can be attached to it. No part of the property is actually transferred or transferred to either party, they simply accept where the limit should be and record their consent in the form of a memorandum. If the application is objected to and the objection is not considered unfounded, the matter must be referred to the Land Registration Department of the Real Estate Board, the first animal court, unless the parties reach an agreement. Each neighbour should approve the agreement, so it makes sense that the agreement and plan be signed by each party. The written agreement should specify that no property should be transferred or transferred, but that the agreement will be reached to confirm what they believe to be the border, such as ”an act of peace that calms the dispute and diverts litigation,” as Megarry J said to Neilson-v- Poole in 1969. You can apply to HM Cadastre for a defined limit. But before that, you must have agreed with your neighbour on the precise position of the borders and your neighbour must accept the request. The register of the land registry will more accurately indicate the defined boundary position.

The first step is to identify the exact line of the border based on the available evidence. It must be identified using a plan or plan and an oral description, and the plan must have sufficient physical characteristics for the general position of the border to be identified on the order survey map. See the limit requirements. If the legal limit is to be identified by an expert, they should be responsible for showing that limit on such a plan. If the relationship with your neighbour is such that an amicable approach is not feasible and border issues develop into legal action, then it is appropriate that the final settlement of the dispute, i.e. the judgment of the Court, be formally covered by a petition to the land registry to determine the exact limit. A certificate in the same terms, but the indication of the position of the border with greater accuracy (z.B. in relation to an absolute accuracy of -/-200mm) is of course acceptable.


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