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Atlas Planning Performance Agreement

The Garden City – Large Sites (GCLS) model is a financial model that can allow the evaluation of the performance of large sites over the long term. It is particularly relevant when it comes to future garden villages, towns and municipalities, and can consider approaches for alternative financing, investment and procurement models and provide comprehensive evidence of the feasibility of the facilities. It can be used at an early stage in the planning process, in accordance with the recommendations contained in the planning manuals. An important aspect of the model is that it is ”open” in the sense that all parties can see all the data and all the calculations. It was designed to be used by relative non-professionals and without the requirement for special software. The ATLAS guide was developed to provide advice and information to all those involved in the development and evaluation of large-scale development proposals as part of the planning process. The information was first published online in 2007 as a web resource and regularly updated online, while the ATLAS service was operational. The content was based on ATLAS` search for best practices and experiences from its work on major projects. Performance planning agreements (ASAs) are an integral part of the planning process.

If used properly, they are an effective tool that can help establish positive and collaborative working practices among stakeholders, ultimately leading to more efficient processes capable of producing quality results. Hyas has participated in a series of programs including PPP structures to ensure a common working approach. To guide places that might think about the approach, here are some guidelines and a presentation agreement, including possible timelines defining other types of agreements. Contact us for more information. Performance planning agreements (ASAs) aim to improve the quality of planning requests and decision-making by bringing together the local planning authority (LPA), developers and key interest groups to work in partnership. Click here to download a copy of the user`s manual explaining the model and its functionality. The model can be made available free of charge to organizations that wish to use it in a positive and transparent way, just contact us and we can discuss your requirements. Helping local partners find solutions to problems and challenges The information was flexible enough to apply to many projects, at different stages and with different expected results.


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