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Application For Electricity Agreement

ABN (please indicate the ABN certificate with your application) . . Preferred delivery method (bills and correspondence) If there are restrictions on access to your property, such as. B closed doors or vegetation around the meter, the connection does not take place. NT Concession Scheme Card number (issued by territorial families) . Are you or someone in the housing currently in self-quarantine, isolation or isolation? Please fill in at least one of the following fields: Lot no, non-unit or road no connection and connection fees. For more information, visit the prices and prices page. Please provide the full meter number or service address for accommodation. . It can take up to four business days for connection and separation requirements to be processed.

If your request is urgent, call us directly at 1800 JACANA (1800 522 262). If you do not have any of these types of identification, please contact us on 1800 522 262 for further assistance. . Use this form if you are a private customer and apply: Note: We will first try to send your final invoice by email if you have chosen this option as your preferred delivery method; However, please also provide a postal address to forward future Jacana Energy emails. The name of the concession card must match the name of the Jacana Energy account holders. . Account PIN code (name a 4-digit PIN to protect your account, or enter your 4-digit PIN if you already have one) Business representative identification form (DL, Passport, etc.) – If there are restrictions on access to your belongings such as closed doors or dogs, separation does not take place and you are responsible for user and delivery charges until access is granted. . Are you a benevolent public institution registered with the ACAC? (Please send us a copy of your PBI registration).


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