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Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Sales Tax Florida

While tax information must always be carefully considered for errors and missing information prior to presentation, some taxes may be unintentionally overlooked. This program is an opportunity for taxpayers to ”correct” their tax errors and avoid tax controls and other legal consequences. From an entrepreneur`s perspective, there are various taxes, such as real estate and return-to-work assistance, that should be taken into account when submitting a government tax return. If these and other revenue taxes are excluded from your tax return, a tax lawyer can request the determination of all eligible public taxes covered by the program, as well as your company`s tax liabilities and VAT. Applications for the voluntary advertising program must be submitted in writing and it is therefore recommended that a tax lawyer be also used to verify the information requested by the Ministry of Finance, to avoid registration delays and to ensure that all taxes are recorded under/unreported. You must collect and transfer VAT to the states where you have a link, an essential link. Nexus is set up if you have a physical presence in a state, for example. B in a store or office. In some states, the nexus is triggered by storing stocks for sale in the state (including a non-home third-party warehouse), providing supplies to the state, or sending independent personnel or contractors to the state. As you probably know, Florida has no individual income tax. But the state has to raise revenue.

As a result, Florida imposes two major taxes: revenue tax and corporate tax, as well as several minor taxes: taxes on communications services, stamp duty, fuel duties, basic utility fees, inheritance tax, insurance premium and feed tax, and return-to-employment tax. With the pioneering case of South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc., the U.S. Supreme Court allowed states to compel companies to collect and transfer taxes, even if the company has no physical presence in the state. Online retailers operating across the country now face potential retroactive assessments across the country. As one of the largest states in the country, taxpayers are naturally concerned about debts for sales in Florida. Fortunately, the Florida Treasury can offer a solution for distant sellers facing the dramatic change in the previous case. If remote sellers act quickly, they may be able to start collecting and transferring taxes to Florida on a prospective basis, without paying taxes. In some cases, and only for a short period of time, there may be opportunities for taxpayers who are severely affected by Wayfair`s participation in drastically reducing their VAT debt in Florida through the voluntary disclosure program.

If this is done correctly, taxpayers may not be required to pay back three years of tax while they are still participating in the voluntary disclosure program through which they can register and start collecting and transferring properly. The Voluntary Disclosure Program is beneficial to any businessman and taxpayer who wishes to avoid penalties and criminal prosecutions based on tax evasion.


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