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Badi For Scheduling Agreement

This structure must be filled with header level data from the delivery plan to be created. Allow the customer to implement his own logic to determine the sales delivery plan to be updated, which will nullify the standard determination after the implementation of this BAdI. However, if no delivery plan is determined by custom logic or if the deliveries provided are not detected by the system, the default definition would work again, and an alert message would tell customers that no sales delivery plan is found in custom logic. I want to know the bapi to create the divisions in me38. I use bapi `BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN`. But if I run this bapi, it gives me the 55000000188 instance agreement of the type of object purchschedagreement has been modified and the appointment agreement 5500000188 has been changed. However, the plan lines are not generated. Can you tell me what data I should give this Bapi and how I can pass it on to this Bapi? Can you please give me an example of code with this bapi, which is run correctly and generate divisions in me38? We are working with the sales delivery plans and the API ”Delivery Plan of the Sale Delivery Agreement – Reception, Update (B2B)) ” to update JIT`s delivery forecasting and planning positions. A supply contract is a framework agreement between a lender and a debtor.

A sales delivery contract (not to be confused with the purchase delivery contract) is a long-term sales contract that contains details of the delivery plan and deliveries to the debtor according to the schedule specified in the document. We know that the system uses the following fields as a criterion to update the delivery plan. You can use the badi ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED…. Where you will receive the order number… With its methods, the BAdI covers the entire transaction cycle for framework agreements, so you can intervene at each stage of processing with your own implementation. For more information, see the interface documentation. We know that there is a BadI (”Sales Scheduling Agreement Delivery Schedule Check”) that allows us to define customer checks for delivery plan delivery data. 1. Several sales delivery plans exist with the same sales equipment to part, customer hardware and customer reference (based on the availability, whether the order number is verified or not), and standard logic recognizes more than one delivery plan, but only one can be updated. In this case, a specific sales delivery plan can be established in the BAdI.

However, we do not know the impact of the ”Account to The Debtor” field on updating delivery plans. For z.B if SALES_HEADER_IN DOC_DATE is populated with a z.B value 11.01.2010, SALES_HEADER_INX-DOC_DATE must be set at `X`. 3. ITM_NUMBER – Item Number – VBPA-POSNR – This field must be filled with `000,000` for header and VBAP-POSNR level partners for item Level Partner. I think you made a typo in the line wa_schedule-preq_item `X` – this should be wa_schedulex-preq_item `X` (you`re currently crushing the value that`s gone through a few lines above) Follow it with BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT? Most BAPIs demand it! There is no commit in se37. In other words, the commit fm bapi is not run, so you can`t be sure that the data will be recorded. It is therefore rare that there is a reason to test BAPIs in se37. In other words, to evaluate a BAPI, you should always have an appeal program. .

With this BAdI, you can individually extend the busine logic of the following BAPIs: The field SALES_HEADER_INX-UPDATEFLAG must also be placed on `I`. A1: Click on the sample file link to find out how to download and use this ready-to-run model.


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